Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lupe Fiasco - Lasers (Album Artwork)


Still considering shutting the site because of the lack of updates. But for now you can take a peak the official artwork for Lupe's album which is scheduled to drop March 8th.


HipHopCulture said...

Alright Nas?

What do you mean by lack of updates?

HipHopCulture said...

Nas I got a question for you? If your not blogging on your other blog no more. Just start blogging on our blog more often like how you used to do on NewDopeAudio? As the blog getting over 1000 views a day just think if we both blog like how you do on your NewDopeAudio blog we would get loads.


THECOOLkid. said...

Nahhhhh, Dont shut down the site!!


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